Goal- Objectives

‘Curriculum wise’ by enabling the teachers to construct and deliver appropriate curriculum for students.

‘Assessment wise’ by equipping the teachers with knowledge about a variety of assessment measures to evaluate students’ learning and development.

‘Relationship wise’ by enabling teachers to establish professional and reciprocal relationships with others invested in students’ learning.

‘Environment Wise ‘ by enabling teachers to positive and caring environments for students’ development and learning.

Details of the objectives -

  • So Far the institutions’ stated ,vision.mission and values and objectives have been made known to the various stakeholders through meetings and informal discussions.
  • The institution’s goals and objectives do address the needs of the society, the students it seek to serve , the school sector, education institutions traditions and value orientations. Kindly see detailed description of objectives.
  • The major considerations addressed by the institutions objectives are Equity,self Development , Value Orientation and Employment.
  • The resources needed (human and financial) to support the implementation of the mission and goals are planned and obtained through the state Government Grants.
  • The chief barrier is financial .Gradually .However , we are being able to prove ourselves for getting Govt.grants
  • Till date the vision ,mission and implementation plans have been mentioned ,evaluated and revised as and when the need arose . These processes have so far , been undertaking at the earliest.
  • . The institution labors to break down the barriers between schools and Teachers Training College . The Schools and Training Colleges are vital for each other in order to prevent each other from stagnation and to ensure continuous growth. The Schools can inform the Training Colleges of the ground realities of teaching the young in our country,and the Training Colleges can in turn better equip themselves with current research and innovative teaching practices , thereby equipping the teachers who pass through its portal to meet the needs of a changing society.

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